Our Services

Our Services

Custom Web Application

Whatever you business is, NinePoints can make software that will help you to manage your business everywhere. Moreover, your software is ready to run on any cloud infrastructures with stability, scalable and cost effectively

Following Industry Standard

We ensure that each line of code is working by W3C

Cloud Ready

The web application can be deploy to any cloud
platform without any modification.

Run Everywhere

Access the application anywhere using web browser.
The app does not stuck with any Operating Systems.

Maintainable & Upgradable

We always following Clean Architect, Design Patterns
that make software easy to maintenance and upgrade

Mobile App Development

NinePoints offers development services for creating many kinds of mobile application in i0S and Android platforms. With our experiences, we can make user-friendly, beautiful and useful application for your business. Just give us your ideas, we will execute it for you.

Understand your ideas

Before writing any pieces of code, we always talk with clients to understand their ideas clearly.


Validating client's ideas with full wireframe with interactive visualization.


We always update the latest technologies and use it to develop modern application for our clients. goals.


Focusing on deliver high quality apps is our final goals.

Magento Customization

We started working with Magento from 2009, from 1.x to 2.x. Our experts have an abundance expertise to create high performance e-commerce solution base on Magento for clients.

Full Service

We ensure that each line of code is working by W3C 

Mobile & Touch Friendly

The web application can be deploy to any cloud
platform without any modification.


Over ten years working with many clients, we do
understand in deep how to build a scalable Magento

Maintainable & Upgradable

We always following Magento guidelines to doing
customization which make our work can be
maintainable and upgradable

Legacy Application Migration

Tired with security problems because of OS can not upgrade due to legacy desktop application? Migrate desktop applications to the web technology help our clients solved OS incompatible problems and achieved high performance, up to date applications.

Work anywhere

Without installing the application to computer. User
can run application and access full features anywhere
using web browser.


The app can run in cross-platform without stuck to
any dedicated Operating system.

Beautiful & Modern UI

Web technologies help us building fantastic
application UI easily.

Maintainable & Upgradable

Web technology help us build the application
maintainable and upgradable

Our Clients

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